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  • How is your night's sleep?

    How is your night's sleep?

    How is your night's sleep ? Agitated, calm ... Or do you have insomnia ? The Bem Estar TV Show showed the benefits of a good night's sleep . Sleeping well can fight cancer and prevent obesity , for example. To talk about it , we invite the oncologist and endocrinologist Fernando Maluf Bruno Halpern .

  • Sleep well is a necessity !

    Sleep well is a necessity !

    Trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Learn how to retrain your habits to sleep better. We developed 10 tips to help change bad habits at bedtime.

  • You are 10 years behind, says american doctor

    You are 10 years behind, says american doctor

    Jeffry Life, anti-aging icon in the US, talks about the prohibition of this practice in Brazil.

    At 74, Jeffry Life has a muscular body and - says - great enthusiasm and a great sex life. The American physiologist became symbol of healthy aging and the so-called anti-aging medicine - a term he himself rejects. Her transformation began at age 59 when, overweight and heart problems, decided to join the Body For Life contest (something like "Body for Life"). In 12 weeks of diet and exercise, he lost fat, gained muscle mass and won the contest.

  • Benefits of Glucosamine complex and Chondroitin

    Benefits of Glucosamine complex and Chondroitin

    Glucosamine and chondroitin are two substances which make part of the composition of synovial fluid, the liquid present in the joints that contains all the necessary nutrients for nutrition and maintenance of cartilage. Throughout life, there is the natural aging of the joints and an inevitable burden exerted on them, this causes the cartilage tissue becomes more fragile and lose some of its properties.

  • Joints health

    Joints health

    The joints are important connections between the bones that allow the skeleton to mobility and flexibility to the body, ensuring the movement of the knees, feet and hands, elbows, jaw, shoulders, hips and wrists. Adopting a focused approach for the prevention of joint problems is essential because over the years the inevitable wear over them could compromise common movements performed daily as sit, stand, write and walk.

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