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Joints health

Joints health

Joints health

The joints are important connections between the bones that allow the skeleton to mobility and flexibility to the body, ensuring the movement of the knees, feet and hands, elbows, jaw, shoulders, hips and wrists. Adopting a focused approach for the prevention of joint problems is essential because over the years the inevitable wear over them could compromise common movements performed daily as sit, stand, write and walk.

Collagen is a substance, nowadays already well known, very important to the health of articular cartilage, as a fibrillar protein that confers resistance of this fabric due to its sustaining properties and elasticity. Research indicates that after the 30-year-old cell production of collagen in the body decreases, especially for women who are in menopause, when estrogen produced in smaller quantities, which stimulate hormone synthesis

Through possible to obtain some food and raw material for collagen production. Animal foods when ingested vitamin A, C and E and the minerals zinc, selenium and copper, provide raw materials for the body produce collagen.

Food of animal origin:

Lean proteins: meat, chicken, fish, turkey breast



Low-fat yogurt


Vitamins and Minerals

Citrus Fruits: acerola, cashew, lemon, pineapple




Dark green leaves

The best way to provide collagen to the body and through a balanced diet, it facilitates the utilization, absorption and metabolism of collagen in the body.


The use of collagen supplementation is indicated to improve the absence of symptoms (such as joint pain, bone and early loss, wrinkles, dull hair, etc.) it is necessary together with the individual supplementation make dietary changes to that there is better utilization and absorption of collagen offered,

The supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals can also be carried out in order to enhance the collagen absorption, but always with specialized professional because the indiscriminate use of vitamins can cause damage to the body.

Another supplement of recent discoveries, is the supplement of glucosamine and Codroitina, both are used by the body to produce cartilage and are important in fighting inflammation in the joints. They have the power to lubricate, protect and restore the joints, in addition to anti-inflammatory power. Never forgetting that the correct dose can be provided only by a qualified professional.

In addition to proper nutrition there are steps that can be taken to improve the health of joints, such as correct posture, exercise and stretching.


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