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Sleep well is a necessity !

Sleep well is a necessity !

Sleep well is a necessity !

Trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Learn how to retrain your habits to sleep better. We developed 10 tips to help change bad habits at bedtime.

Tip: 1

Keep the room free of clutter and distractions.

Make sure you have the proper bed and mattress for your needs. The wrong mattress can cause problems, musculoskeletal and sleep disturbances, since the body will have difficulties to relax.

Tip: 2

Use the bed only for sleeping. Avoid using bed to watch TV, eat, work or any other activity. Avoid sleeping with the TV on, and especially watching action programs before bedtime. Your mind will be alert damaging relaxation. If you are one of those who likes to do readings lying in bed at night, just read pleasant books.

Tip: 3

Therapists often use "reconditioning" as part of a treatment plan for insomnia. With this method, people are "reconditioned" to associate the bed with sleep. If you feel you can not sleep at all, out of bed and go to another room, so that it can only associate the bed with sleep and not waking.

Tip: 4

Establish a regular cycle to sleep and wake. Your body will create an internal clock for its activities and eventually responding to internal stimuli to get drowsy at a certain time and agreed on others. A good way to start adjusting the cycle is waking up every morning at the same time, even on weekends and holidays. Although the ideal sleep average is eight hours, this need varies from one individual to another, observe and respect its rhythm.

Tip: 5

No matter how tempting it may seem, but an afternoon nap can make you sleep at night is even more difficult. Naps "extras" over the weekend may also end up with your sleep cycle and worsen insomnia midweek. This rule does not apply to the cycle of "naps" which is that quick nap, never more than 20 minutes, which sometimes occurs after lunch. This promotes digestion and helps eliminate the body from stress.

Tip: 6

Limit your consumption of caffeine in the afternoon and night. Also remember that other rich sources of caffeine, such as chocolate, soft drinks a cola, guarana, mate, green tea, or other energy compounds, should be avoided. Instead, choose a grass tea Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Cinnamon that are natural relaxants. If solve sweetening prefer basic Stevia sweeteners, once refined sugar fermented in the stomach, cause reflux, and further sleep difficult.

Tip: 7

Avoid use of alcohol, especially close to bedtime. Excessive alcohol doses at any time can also disrupt your sleep pattern and cause an insufficient sleep. There is evidence that the cigarette also worsens the insomnia for those who already have, or because in those who do not yet have.

Tip: 8

Eating too much or eating too little before bedtime can disrupt your sleep. Make your last meal of the day at least two hours before you dispose (ideally 3 hours).

Tip: 9

Do some exercise during the day, but nothing strenuous exercise before bedtime, or you will be "lit". The exhausted or excited body is not able to get adequate relaxation for sleep.

Tip: 10

Establish a period of "slowing down" at night, just before bedtime. Try to free your mind of distractions and problems and do some relaxing and pleasurable activity, like watching a movie - except of action - listening to pleasant music or do a reading. Music genre "New Age" or instruments are important allies to achieve an appropriate relaxation for the rest.

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