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You are 10 years behind, says american doctor

You are 10 years behind, says american doctor

You are 10 years behind, says american doctor

Jeffry Life, anti-aging icon in the US, talks about the prohibition of this practice in Brazil.

At 74, Jeffry Life has a muscular body and - says - great enthusiasm and a great sex life. The American physiologist became symbol of healthy aging and the so-called anti-aging medicine - a term he himself rejects. Her transformation began at age 59 when, overweight and heart problems, decided to join the Body For Life contest (something like "Body for Life"). In 12 weeks of diet and exercise, he lost fat, gained muscle mass and won the contest.


Although satisfied with the new habits, Life account that at 63, no longer felt the same result of their physical activity. It was then that he met the clinical Cenegenics, where he works to this day, practicing hormone replacement. "I would not be here if it had not started therapy with testosterone decade ago. Probably would be dead," he says.

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To avoid problems of interpretation, life prefers to use the term age management medicine (aging management medicine), instead of the anti-aging. The idea is that this technique is not able to reverse the aging process, but to make it occurs in the healthiest way possible.

Life does weight training and exercise bike daily. Three times a week practicing pilates - to maintain flexibility - and twice martial arts. In addition, he serves patients in Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife, 55, cares for her website and writes books. His first work, The Life Plan (A Life Plan, which is a pun on his surname), gives tips for those who want to follow their feeding advice, exercise and hormonal therapy. The second book, Mastering the Life Plan (Mastering Life Plan), will be released in March and addresses more specifically the routine Jeffry to keep fit.

The doctor was in Brazil in October this year, and promoted an event to doctors about the anti-aging medicine - coincidentally, the day after the publication of the resolution of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) banning hormone therapy in the elderly. He spoke to the SEE site on that decision and the criticism often made about the anti-aging medicine.

The Anti-Aging Medicine was banned in Brazil, so that hormones can not be prescribed to patients who do not have a specific disability. This means that a patient with low testosterone, but with compatible levels for his age, is not considered fit to receive replacement. What do you think? This is an old-fashioned thinking. This recommendation was made by people who are not familiar with the literature that has been produced in the last ten years. A 70-year-old man should have a testosterone level of a man of 35, 40 years. The reason is that it improves your health, reduce the risk of cancer - even prostate cancer - heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. We now know that men who have low testosterone levels have lower quality of life, lose muscle mass and strength and will cost the company more money than if we take care of them and put your hormone levels where they should be for younger people and healthy.

One hypothesis raised by endocrinologists is that as you age, your hormones levels decrease because the body can not handle the same amount of hormones, so this reduction would be beneficial. The number one cause of death in the United States is heart attacks. Secondly, strokes. And low testosterone levels put men at high risk for heart attacks, strokes and cardiovascular disease. There is no literature that shows that when we age our hormone levels should decrease, that's part of healthy aging. It put people at risk for all diseases related to aging, which are killing the most Americans and I'm sure that Brazilians also.

Many doctors who are not in favor of anti-aging therapy say it is natural to have low levels of hormones when they get older and supplementation is recommended only for those who have symptoms. Part of the aging process is that people develop heart disease, so if you follow that kind of thinking, why do angioplasty and other treatments, it is part of aging? It's an insane thought. Why should we do anything if it's all part of the aging process and it is natural? Ignore testosterone levels as you age is the same as ignoring cholesterol levels and blood pressure. We need to treat them. We have to follow the same paths that our parents followed. We must not surrender to this notion that aging is sick, that is what is happening. This needs to stop and much to prevent this is to get people not to lose muscle mass, do exercise and eat properly. And correct your hormonal deficiencies because it makes a lot of difference, it makes all the difference. I would not be sitting here telling you this if I had not started testosterone therapy ten years ago I have 74 years, I'd probably be dead, because he had heart disease. My program, of which I speak in my book, reversed it. And a big part of that is due to hormone replacement therapy, especially testosterone.

What are the risks?

There are no studies proving some risk and there is an immense number of studies showing that healthy levels of testosterone reduce the risk of men developing prostate cancer. Again, it is an old-fashioned thought. Medicine has changed, we're moving on and thinking so is to prevent what we can do to help patients.

What is the status of Anti-Aging Medicine in the US?

There are two organizations in the US, the aging group and the aging maintenance group, which is the Cenegenics, of which I am part. I believe that what we do is much more related to health and wellness. Now we are focused on heart disease, in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Growth hormone is very regulated. We do a lot of testing if we have a patient who has deficiency of this hormone. If it does not pass the tests, we know that can treat it.

What about testosterone?

Now we have pharmaceutical companies producing the creams and gel, selling on television, I'm very worried because physiologists will prescribe it and then not follow up the patient, will not do all the tests we do every three or four months. When I started in Cenegenics ten years ago, testosterone was one of the hormones considered bad as here in Brazil now. You are ten years behind us. But now there is a lot of evidence, and research supporting the use of testosterone in older people. The benefits are amazing.

Do you think that some doctors are selling anti-aging medicine in an exaggerated way, promising to stop time and rejuvenate people, and this contributes to the formation of a bad reputation about this specialty? Yes I agree. I am against using these hormones to stop aging. I am completely in favor of using them to achieve what we know of medical research, they help people's health, improve the quality of life and the ability to think. Not aging is healthy aging.


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