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1-How can i track my package? 
To check the status of your delivery, visit the website: www.usps.com. with  the tracking number that we sent to your email. With this tracing number you can track your package.   
2- When will I receive my product? 
Depending on the type of payment and where you live, the package can be delivered within 24 hours. Payments made by bank, the bank can take up to 3 business days to process the payment. So, your order will be shipped once we receive the confirmation from your bank. For payment by credit card will be confirmed within 24 hours.

Delivery 1-5 days for capitals and metropolitan regions.                          
3- Why  I have not received my tracking number yet?
The tracking code will be sent once the package is scanned by USPS. The method of payment determines the purchase approval time. Payment made by bank can take up to 3 days to be approved by the bank. Paypal is the quickest way for approval of payment because it is usually immediate.                         .


4- I received the wrong product..
If the delivered product is different      o produto entregue seja diferente daquele que foi comprado, entre em contato com nosso setor de Atendimento ao cliente através do telefone
(11) 3230-0074, e-mail [email protected] ou chat que faremos a troca o mais rápido possível.


5- How does the payment through PayPal  work?
PagSeguro e PayPal são meios seguros de pagamento que processam o seu pagamento com total segurança. Paypal trabalha com as seguintes bandeiras: Mastercad e Visa. PagSeguro trabalha com as seguintes bandeiras: Visa, MasterCard, Diners, American Express, Hipercard, Aura, Elo, PLENOCard, CARDBAN, VALECARD, Brasilcard, Cabal, Mais! Avista, Grandcard, Bancop Bradesco, Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Banco Banrisul, Banco HSBC e Boleto. Após o seu cadastro e finalização do pedido, os dois sistemas confirmam o pagamento através do seu e-mail.
PayPal is a safe means of processing your payment safely. PayPal works with the following flags: Mastercard and Visa.  After your registration and checkout, the systems confirm payment via your email.


6- Cancellation or withdrawal of purchase that has been shipped.

In case of cancellation after sending the order, refuse delivery of the product. After the return of the goods to our distribution center, we will process the refund in the same form of payment and the total amount paid for the purchase.


7- Duplicate payment.

In case of a systemic error, your order has been charged more than once, please forward a copy of the invoice of your card with the order detail to e-[email protected] and contact our Customer Service sector to realize the return of duplicity.


8- Order not processed on website.


If the form of payment is credit card or direct debit, please contact our Customer Service industry.


9- Deadline for approval of order.

The deadline for approval of the order depends exclusively on the payment method of your purchase;

  • Credit card can be processed in one business day.

10- Availability of products.

You can not perform the purchase of products that are not available in stock. Join TELL ME WHEN THIS PRODUCT ARRIVE to receive an email notifying you when the product is available again. Product in stock indicates the products available in stock USA Vitamins. The delivery depends exclusively on the delivery time of your location (city and state) and start counting from the posting of your order. Products without the "Product in stock" are delivered according to the term supplier's availability. USA Vitamins It offers customers the opportunity to secure the purchase of a product before launch in the domestic market. The delivery forecast is then indicated after calculation of freight, or the STAND THE PRODUCT PAGE. In up to "X" days lead time, it is reported in the calculation of freight in the detail page of each product. We remember that this date refers to the forecast informed by the arrival of the goods supplier in stock and it will be delivered later as the deadline for each region.

11- Tell me when is back in stock.

Upon request, theUSA Vitamins informs customers about the replacement of any product. To be notified (a) click on the item and enter your name and email in the indicated field next to it. Not all items bear the stamp let me know. Products that do not offer this option probably will not return to be part of our catalog, despite its spare not be ruled out. The receipt of a notice that the product is in stock does not guarantee availability in stock. It is just a notice sent to all customers who have requested notification.